Environmental, Health and Safety

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Sphere’s Environmental, Health and Safety group works hard to help our clients attain and sustain world-class levels of safety in operations. Some of the Environmental, Health and Safety services offered through Sphere are:


Advisory Services on Occupational Health Standards

We help clients and their sub-contractors meet their safety requirements for compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Our expertise includes working with Western Canada’s Certificate of Recognition programs and a host of current provincial safety legislation. Sphere employs a National Construction Safety Officer to carry out on-site construction safety projects. The National Construction Safety Officer helps establish lines of responsibilities for safety from management to site workers by administering, implementing and maintaining a robust Health and Safety system. Additional roles for the National Construction Safety Officer include identifying and reviewing Health and Safety concerns specific to the worksite.

Recommendations on Safe Work Practices

We promote risk reductions with management and shop floor professionals to help prevent workplace injuries. Sphere works with Prime Contractors to review safe working plans to guide workers. Examples of prescribed measures for a construction project include, but are not limited to, having a communication plan to inform workers, outlining a training plan to ensure all workers are qualified to perform relevant tasks and conducting site orientations to familiarize workers with ongoing activities.

Worksite Assessment for Hazard Elimination

We formally review various types of projects, activities and work premises to identify hazards, prioritize corrective actions and prescribe adequate controls. Sphere conducts construction audits to ensure projects meet provincial Occupational Health and Safety regulations to protect workers. The Mine Dry Expansion project for Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan in Lanigan, SK for example, covered an above-ground area of 33,000 square meters with a daily average of 12 workers, recorded no injury or incident at the 56,000 man-hours milestone. Such success came from following due diligence on construction sites and remaining proactive on safety aspects of project execution.

Sphere continuously conducts site inspections with the National Construction Safety Officer performing rounds of observation/walkabout to detect potential hazards that can lead to serious harmful events. Sample of monitored activities:

  • Crane Operation
  • Excavation
  • Concrete Pour
  • Machine Inspection
  • Hot work (welding) Monitoring
  • Working at Elevated Heights
  • Loading/Unloading of Trucks

Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Actions Recommendation

We investigate causes of incidents/accidents and develop methods to prevent similar ones from occurring. Sphere has successfully led incident investigations using TapRoot®, a systematic process designed to find sources of problems. Some investigations focused on workplace injuries stemming from systems failures in mill operations and actions prescribed to correct such failures. Sphere also performs near miss investigations and reporting and ensures clients and their employees are kept abreast of safety measures to consider in the workplace.

Development and Implementation of Internal Health and Safety Programs

We can create and manage a corporate-wide Health and Safety Manual to ensure the sustainability of excellent safety results. Sphere ensures all newly hired personnel go through a safety orientation to help instil a corporate safety culture. Sphere documents in its Health and Safety Manual all the requirements it must meet to satisfy relevant Occupational Health and Safety regulations. These include statistics on near misses, lost time injuries and any other relevant events. Sphere communicates internally on safety matters. In addition to a Health and Safety related topic published in the corporate newsletter, an all-star quarterly safety meeting is held to review/discuss all outstanding workplace issues in line with our company’s philosophy on Continuous Improvement.

Download a PDF version of our Environmental, Health and Safety brochure.