Human Resources Services

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Sphere’s expertise can help your organization implement and deal with organizational change brought on by extensive recruiting or downsizing. We can also conduct Human Resources Due Diligence audits or manage change if your company is considering or completing acquisitions.


Employee and Leadership Development

Sphere can deliver targeted or company-wide training programs in the following specialties:

  • Leadership and Development Programs
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Johari Window team-building sessions

Sphere employs an Myers Briggs Type Indicator certified facilitator to deliver the sessions described below. Our half-day session is designed to communicate the differences in personality and communication styles. This improves understanding among the group on how leveraging each person’s styles can lead to better problem solving. Full-day sessions include a team building activity and case study, which builds camaraderie and a higher degree of knowledge around how personal styles complement each other.

Three Day Leadership Building

The three day leadership building session is a comprehensive mix of tools to improve personal interaction for leaders composed of:

Day One – Personal Leadership

A look at how our personal values determines what motivates us and contributes to how we feel about working for an organization. The session sets up a study on how changing thinking patterns can lead to improved results (also available as a one-day program).

Day Two – Communication Skills

An intense day of learning about communication styles, practicing feedback, listening and advocacy skills, and looking at how we can use the energy of the unarticulated thought to drive our conversations to more creative and better results.

Day Three – Putting it all Together

We learn about conflict management, and use a case study to learn how to combine the skills learned over the previous two days to improve relationships, increase personal and external motivation and become impactful leaders.

Conflict Management

We offer a half or full-day program to learn about what causes conflicts, and how the way you handle them can improve results in teams. We can also handle harassment investigations if your organization doesn’t do this particularly well.

Customized Programs

We can design development training based on your organization’s specific needs. Examples include mentoring programs, specific management skill training and facilitating or assisting your organization in delivering process training.

Download a PDF version of our Human Resources Services brochure.