Technical Lead Services

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Sphere’s Technical Leads team ensures the design of your project meets expectations. We follow a strategic design management philosophy to ensure strong outcome.


Phased Design Development

Single-solution design processes do not ensure optimization of capital spend. As a project concept is developed from resource to saleable product, recognition and analysis of various technical solutions provides confident business analysis of the project. Sphere will help you avoid lost capital and, in the end, find the best technical solution by providing a strong technical oversight team that will focus your design and approval process to provide a pinpoint, capitally efficient and operationally elective solution that:

  • Aligns with corporate goals
  • Exploits the opportunities of the corporate resources
  • Maximizes the probability of success

Sphere_diagrams_venEngaged Design Process

The best technical solutions come from a design team where all participants are engaged. The owner’s goals and objectives, the plant setting, the operational team and construct ability are all critical aspects of the best technical solution. Sphere can provide the right technical oversight and help you recognize each important participant in the design phase of the project, ensuring they’re also appropriately represented in the final solution.



A functionally efficient and effective plant starts with sound design and engineering. Working for you, Sphere’s technical leads will ensure that operational manuals and procedures are:

  • Delivered to the project by your design consultant
  • Based on the engineering of the plant
  • Adequate for operations staff
  • Developed using a team approach during the design phase of the project

High-Quality Design Deliverables

Quality of work requires diligent adherence to quality work processes. Design review, adequate expert consultation, inter-discipline engagement, drawing and document checking come together to form a design quality process. Sphere’s technical leads can provide a complete evaluation of the quality processes of your design consultants and identify and mitigate the risk of poor-quality delivery.

Supported Construction

Technical engagement does not stop with design delivery. All good design teams must support the construction phase to ensure strong, timely solutions to challenges that arise. Sphere will help you identify and source technical personnel, engineering resources and communication processes to ensure construction has ongoing support during every phase that minimizes negative impact on schedule and costs.

Controlled Design Delivery

Design delivery requires diligent planning and rigorously controlled execution to stay on schedule and ensure quality solutions throughout the detailed design phase. You can rely on our technical leadership to help you develop a comprehensive design plan by:

  • Evaluating the delivery process
  • Identifying and mitigating risk areas
  • Developing key performance indicators
  • Building a complete delivery schedule
  • Setting up tracking and reporting of the delivered design

You can rely on Sphere’s technical leadership to help you put together the right design management team, (one we build using Sphere personnel or one made up of your own people) to ensure that your plan is well executed. Change in design is often unavoidable but never unmanageable. Sphere’s technical leads team can provide the tools you need to ensure change to scope, budget, and schedule during design is recognized, reported and approved before costs are accrued.

Sphere_diagrams_designcircleEngineered Start-ups

Industrial design must consider the limitations of commissioning schedules and start-up phases of any plant. Sphere’s technical leads will work with your design, commissioning and operations teams to ensure your design plan and deliverables adequately address the needs for a robust and quick start-up.

Download a PDF version of our Technical Services Lead brochure.